On of the most important aspects in the blockchain world is to choose the right tools so you don't get burn along the way. In this Article I'll share my favorite tools to interact with the blockchain in general.


At this point in time I'm using MetaMask even though I don't fully like it. I've checked out many others such as Exodus, Trust wallet, Ledger, etc however they are very trouble some to interact with and even in the case of ledger limited. As of this moment my wallet of choice is MetaMask.


I do recommend using a different browser only for transactions with MetaMask. At the moment this is my setup:

If you like the Brave interface and the whole Chrome ecosystem, I would just switch it up and use Brave for daily browsing since it gives you bat (the coin) rewards, and then just use Firefox for transactions.' Another option is to create multiple Profiles in Brave and use one for Trading and the other for normal use. The addons will be independent of each other so one profile won't know what the other one has.

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