The market is down at levers we were June 2021, investors morale is down, and builders need some motivation. So, I decided to remind whoever is in crypto WHY they are in crypto, WHERE we are and where is heading…


You are in crypto because you believe you are extremely early and have a long vision to what all this could become:

  • NFTs for real state, books, art, concert tickets, watches, voting systems, memberships, and more!
  • Gaming changing the way we work because of trading and people enjoying working while playing their favorite game.
  • DeFi as an opportunity for everyone to participate in the market with the same tools the big players have while decentralizing its utilization and making it possible to get into projects extremely early (even before the suits sometimes!)

I believe we are exactly at the same point we were in the 1990-2000, where everyone heard about internet, but they didn’t really understand it. Let’s watch a video to visualize this:

As you can see there, many people made fun of the internet or didn’t understand it when it was in its infancy. The same is happening with crypto. Crypto will be a big part of our lives like the internet is today.

Many investors know the dot-com bubble exploded with the markets going down extremely low, many businesses closed, however those who truly believed in the vision of what the internet could become are sitting today in mansions with pride that they understood the concept and held onto it. Do you think that Amazon or Microsoft stopped building when the stock market collapsed? No, and let me tell you what’s happening now, people are still building! Look at some examples:

  • Here’s a tweet from the Chief Decentralization Officer of
  • From the one and only Gavin Wood (Founded Polkadot, Kusama, Ethereum, Parity & Web3 Foundation) hinting that we are extremely early!
  • From the founder of
  • One of the biggest influencers in crypto:
  • Twitter implementing Bitcoin as their payment system and integrating NFTs into their platform.
  • Facebook, Instagram and many others getting into NFTs as well:

If Crypto was just a scam or would not work, none of these companies would spend millions into it, adoption is here and the price is irrelevant at the moment.

However, let's say we have a dot-com burst, take a look at this what happened and where we are today...



As you can see the price is minor compared to the final reward AND these companies were centralized, they were not the internet itself. In Crypto we have things like Polkadot or Cardano to name a few which are the actual "internet" in which anyone can invest. They are the backbone of all the transactions and decentralization happening. So, we are investing this time in the technology itself, instead of in 3rd party companies using it!

Lastly, I want to leave you with this video of Charles Hoskinson bringing some calm 😆:

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